EcoMatcher Brings Tree Planting to Microsoft Teams

Plant, track, engage, and share trees with the EcoMatcher app for Teams

Without leaving Microsoft Teams, the EcoMatcher app for Teams enables you to:

Track your trees virtually

Plant trees in over 10 countries, and travel to them virtually using beautiful satellite mapping.

Meet your trees' planters

Learn who are the planters of your adopted trees and say hi or "thank you" to them. They will appreciate that a lot.

Experience ForestSounds

Immerse yourself in the forests of your trees by listening to ForestSounds.

Chat with your trees

Ask questions to your chatbot-powered trees; they may ask you questions as well!

Read sustainability news

Keep yourself up to date with the latest news on sustainability and everything about planting trees.

Take a breather

With the EcoMatcher app for Teams, you can take a moment for yourself and recharge your batteries.

New Features

"By integrating the EcoMatcher app within Microsoft Teams and making it accessible to over a quarter of a billion people that use the platform, we're empowering more individuals to become actively involved in tree planting. Ultimately, it's collaborations like these that are needed to shift the momentum, to build a more sustainable future for all."

Sherif Tawfik, Chief Sustainability Officer for Microsoft Middle East and Africa

Video Tutorial

How to add EcoMatcher to Microsoft Teams?

Search EcoMatcher on the app menu

On the left side of Teams select Apps and search for EcoMatcher in the Sustainability Category. If you don't find EcoMatcher, see the note below.

Add EcoMatcher App

Select EcoMatcher, and a description screen will open. Take a moment to browse the subsections. This area explains the capabilities of the EcoMatcher app and where it will show up in Teams, ready for you to use or configure.

My Trees

To add the app, select Add. This step is the same from every location where you can add an app.

Note: Team owners can restrict who can add apps. Some apps can be installed only by a team owner, as they require additional permissions. In case you cannot find EcoMatcher, please ask the Teams gatekeeper of your company to enable you to add EcoMatcher. Alternatively, ask your Microsoft representative to help.

EcoMatcher is available on: